Friday, June 6, 2014

Gall Bladder Surgery

I had Gall Bladder Surgery on Friday May 30. Exactly 1 week ago I was heading  to the hospital about this time. I really expected after one week I would be feeling better then I do right now. Another sleepless, pain filled night :(

The surgery went routinely. My gall bladder was a mess, totally filled with stones! YUCK! I feel embarrassed but then again in each case I read I see that different circumstances caused various results. I remember just waking up from anesthesia feeling so alone and in so much pain but there was nothing I could do to get a nurse's attention. After my second jolt of pain medication I overheard a nurse saying that she didn't want to eat a doughnut after seeing a picture of THAT gall bladder :(

I was sent home and still very much out of it. My husband filled my pain medicine prescription and it was also discovered I have a UTI so I have to take Cipro as well. My first night was horrible. After 2 pain pills I was itching every where imaginable. I woke up with red, hot skin, now I am allergic to opiates! I had to manage my pain with extra strength Tylenol, just not fair! My husband got out his ice machine that he bought when he had knee surgery and I iced my incisions (4 for me) the next two days off and on. This seemed to help tremendously. I felt like I was healing a lot each day. Laying flat on my back to sleep is ridiculous, I hate it with a passion, I just want to roll over and hug my pillow!

Day 5 A new pain started at the gall-bladder site. A constant stabbing, shortness of breath feeling. It lasted all day and night, not stopping. Day 6 the same pain but at least it was relieved when I was sitting down. Standing up make it worse and deep breaths or coughing made me feel like I could not breathe for a few seconds.
Day 7 I had to drive myself for my surgeon check up. First time putting on a bra and clothes since surgery....Not fun!

My surgeon said I had thousands of gall stones-yuck! She said the pain is probably from going through the muscle during surgery. I can take extra strength motrin with tylenol 3 times a day for pain. She does not believe I have a bile leakage, but did some blood work to check things out. She said it takes some people longer to heal than others (WhY Me?) I am exhausted and done for the day that is for sure!

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