Sunday, March 29, 2015

Desktop freebie...fill in your own pics, mine are two of my adorable grand babies :)

I used Kimeric Kreations beautiful freebies to make up the desktop♥

I joined the Smiley360 mission and they sent me 2 full sized bags of Randoms gummy candy treats to try for FREE! My family is thrilled with the little bursts of flavor each gummy offers. We love the fact that they contain no artificial flavors and each one contains real fruit juice. I can share them with my grandchildren without feeling guilty! (Especially now that we are potty training I found just 1 is an extra treat she loves when she goes on the potty!) Each bag has different shapes and flavors so we were able to taste all of them. I love that the textures are different and the designs vary. My husband said he does not have a favorite but I love the ones with the marshmallow backs the best! Thanks Smiley and Wonka for giving us a chance to try your new candy!