Friday, July 25, 2014

August is around the corner!

I made up a new August desktop to feature my beautiful Grandbabies. I hope someone can use it as well! I don't believe kids will be heading back to school soon. I even saw Christmas stuff filling the shelves at stores.....say it isn't so! UgHHH I used Amber Shaws free "cute as a bug" kit to design this desktop, there is one included in the zip without the August heading as well. ENJOY

Friday, June 27, 2014

It is getting hard to find beautiful, new desktops for my computer each month to display my sweet grandchildren. I made a few myself, hope you enjoy!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Made this up for my Mom's birthday, she has always given me this advice in one form or another...I thought she might need a reminder herself. Sharing 5.5 x 5 here:

Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 10 Most..... of the pain in gone under my rib cage where my gallbladder was. It still hurts to take a deep breath and I keep having little hitches or hicuups in my breathing every once in a while, with this I inhale and moan a little. I am still tired when I try to do to much and bending over is very uncomfortable. The glue tape on my belly button came off and I am ready for the others to come off because they look nasty. When I haven't eaten in about 5 hours I get a burning in the center of my chest under my breast bone, this comes in the night also and wakes me up.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Gall Bladder Surgery

I had Gall Bladder Surgery on Friday May 30. Exactly 1 week ago I was heading  to the hospital about this time. I really expected after one week I would be feeling better then I do right now. Another sleepless, pain filled night :(

The surgery went routinely. My gall bladder was a mess, totally filled with stones! YUCK! I feel embarrassed but then again in each case I read I see that different circumstances caused various results. I remember just waking up from anesthesia feeling so alone and in so much pain but there was nothing I could do to get a nurse's attention. After my second jolt of pain medication I overheard a nurse saying that she didn't want to eat a doughnut after seeing a picture of THAT gall bladder :(

I was sent home and still very much out of it. My husband filled my pain medicine prescription and it was also discovered I have a UTI so I have to take Cipro as well. My first night was horrible. After 2 pain pills I was itching every where imaginable. I woke up with red, hot skin, now I am allergic to opiates! I had to manage my pain with extra strength Tylenol, just not fair! My husband got out his ice machine that he bought when he had knee surgery and I iced my incisions (4 for me) the next two days off and on. This seemed to help tremendously. I felt like I was healing a lot each day. Laying flat on my back to sleep is ridiculous, I hate it with a passion, I just want to roll over and hug my pillow!

Day 5 A new pain started at the gall-bladder site. A constant stabbing, shortness of breath feeling. It lasted all day and night, not stopping. Day 6 the same pain but at least it was relieved when I was sitting down. Standing up make it worse and deep breaths or coughing made me feel like I could not breathe for a few seconds.
Day 7 I had to drive myself for my surgeon check up. First time putting on a bra and clothes since surgery....Not fun!

My surgeon said I had thousands of gall stones-yuck! She said the pain is probably from going through the muscle during surgery. I can take extra strength motrin with tylenol 3 times a day for pain. She does not believe I have a bile leakage, but did some blood work to check things out. She said it takes some people longer to heal than others (WhY Me?) I am exhausted and done for the day that is for sure!